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We are engineers with extensive design and drafting experience

Complete Construction Engineering Pty Ltd’ & Obliq Design is a premier design, drafting and engineering company in Australia. We’re committed to providing you with a simplistic yet professional approach to creating a joyful process for your future build. With our extensive range of architectural and engineering services, we’ll help you get your construction projects off to a great start.

Our team has over thirty five years of experience coupled with a list of over 2500 projects ranging from home alterations & additions to private schools and commercial spaces. With a growing portfolio, we have the expertise to provide high-quality design, engineering and drafting services.

The best thing about us is that we are a one-stop shop! There is no need to jump from consultant to consultant. Here at our architectural and engineering company, you’ll meet professionally recognised individuals who are ready to provide drafting services and 3D models to help you visualise your concepts and ideas. Our engineers will lend their expertise should you need structural detailing & stormwater system plans.

Ultimately, our aim is to be flexible, precise and transparent with you.

Moreover, we believe that our transparency in pricing with the services included is very competitive with the current market. We will do everything we can to provide the most cost-effective and flexible approach to designing & planning your future build.

Our Services

Complete Construction Engineering Pty Ltd’ & Obliq Design is your trusted architectural and engineering firm in Australia. You can rely on us for technical drawings, drafting services and structural engineering plans. Reach out to our company today to know more about how we can help you.

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Complete Construction Engineering Pty Ltd' & Obliq Design

We are a design, drafting & engineering company ready to change the world.

Complete Construction Engineering Pty Ltd’ & Obliq Design continually strives to be the top design company in the country. We do that by helping our clients make their future builds cost-effective and right on schedule. Our design process, drafting services and engineering plans make it easy for clients to take a more strategic approach to project planning. With impressive designs and engineering expertise, we create a lasting impact in the industry—and the world.