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We are designers, drafters and engineers who are out to change the world.

At its heart, home design is all about creating beautiful environments that make your everyday life comfortable and fulfilling, but not all incredible architectural details translate to functional spaces. This is where Complete Construction Engineering Pty Ltd’ Obliq Design steps in. Through architectural and engineering services, we help transform your ideas into reality. We turn concepts into 3D models and technical drawings so that you can visualise every aspect of your future build. In turn, you can take a more strategic approach to your construction project.

Our CAD services and 3D files will also help you prepare your DA or CDC applications. The same goes for our detailed engineering plans. We’ll make sure each document or plan is compliant with the Australian Standards, building codes and council requirements. That way, your residential project is off to an incredible start.

Got a commercial building project? You can still come to us. Our engineering, design and drafting services have helped complete over 2500 projects across Australia. These projects include private schools and commercial properties. We have the right skill sets to help your construction project begin with a great design & adequate planning.

Through impressive architectural home & building designs and exceptional engineering expertise, we’re proud to create a lasting impact in the industry—and the world.

Complete Construction Engineering Pty Ltd' & Obliq Design

Extensive Range of Design & Drafting Services

We specialise in home & building design and drafting services. But we also have a team of engineers ready to assist you with structural detailing and other related plans.

Drafting Services & 3D Visualisation

Fully visualise your future build with readily available 3D files/links. These models will help you make better decisions—from planning to the actual construction of your project.

Building Approvals

Our architectural and engineering services include documentation to help with DA/CDC application preparation and submission to local council / Private Certifiers.

Complete Construction Engineering Pty Ltd' & Obliq Design

Civil, Structural & Hydraulic Engineering

Residential Structural Engineering

Commercial Structural Engineering

Structural Inspections

Structural Adequacy reports

Stormwater Hydraulic Engineering

Flood Studies

Sewage System Design

Facade Engineering

Remedial Engineering

Swimming Pools

Retaining Wall Structures

Formwork Inspections

Dilapidation Reports

Stunning Architectural Designs

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