The duplex designs bring social & financial advantages to owners and investors

More and more Aussies are discovering the beauty of duplex designs. That’s especially true in big cities like Sydney & Melbourne, where people have chosen to live nearby and stay in close contact with their inter-generational family members. Developers and investors have also recognised it, further boosting the duplex home design trend. 

Why Are Dual Occupancy Homes Attractive? 

Besides keeping families tight-knit, duplex designs have financial advantages. If you’re a duplex owner, you can rent the other dwelling to your relatives or another family. That’s a stable source of additional income for you and your family. The same goes for investors. Having two dwellings on one land title can deliver higher yields than building a single-family detached home or one apartment building.

Duplex homes allow investors to have an optimised return on investment (ROI). They can get their money back from two income streams without spending on separate body corp fees and other expenses associated with owning independent land titles. 

In addition, dual occupancy homes make so much sense for investors who own an old build. Instead of spending on remodelling the old dwelling, they could knock it down and build not one but two residential properties that they can sell or rent out. 

What Are the Considerations Before Building Duplexes?

While building a duplex home sounds like a good move, you still need to consider a few house design & construction factors. These include noise insulation and window placement. Privacy must be considered, too, as living next to a family member or neighbour doesn’t mean giving up your privacy and individual comfort. Building dual occupancy properties may also require council approval & zoning permissions.

If you’re an investor, the best locations for a duplex home include quiet suburban streets close to a range of infrastructure and amenities attractive to inter-generational families. These include schools, hospitals and train stations. 

What Are the Different Types of Duplex Designs?

When it comes to dual occupancy homes, you have several options. Whether you’re an owner or investor, here are some types of duplex designs to consider:

  • Duplex dwellings that are adjoined or share common walls. 
  • Dual occupancy properties that share common land but are not adjoined or do not share common walls.
  • Dual-key properties that have a shared front entrance door, hallway and other living spaces such as the living room and the kitchen 
  • Granny flats that are typically the size of a small apartment and attached to the main house

With these duplex designs, you can build a property that appeals to young professionals, growing families and the senior population who may need the immediate assistance of their younger family members from time to time. 

Build Duplex Homes Through the Help of Obliq Design

Are you ready to reap the benefits of duplex designs or dual occupancy homes? Turn to Obliq Design. We’re a team of designers, drafters and structural engineers who will make your future build cost-effective by providing multiple services under one roof. With our expertise at your disposal, you don’t have to jump from one consultant to another. 

More importantly, our specialty areas include dual occupancies or duplexes. We have years of experience creating functional, stunning and contemporary designs for new dual occupancy properties. We also produce future-ready and mindfully crafted designs for granny flats that are another option for building duplex homes. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Obliq Design can help you. 

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