Contemporary designs are attractive to most homeowners, so no wonder that many of them switch to these styles when they renovate their homes or build a new residential property. But let’s explore further why most people prefer contemporary house designs.

What Is Modern Home Design? 

Before we go any further, let’s briefly talk about modern home design. Some people mix up the phrases contemporary and modern. As a result, there is some confusion. Some people wonder if modern architecture is the same as contemporary architecture. The answer might be both no and yes. Both words refer to the present, but modern architecture focuses more on the 21st-century technological and engineering advancements—and how to highlight their functions in home design.

In layman’s words, modern architecture is more concerned with materials. Glass, steel and concrete are examples of such materials. Similar components may be used in contemporary architecture as well. However, its designs are revamped, innovative and forward-thinking. With that in mind, the two designs will always mix and blend.

Contemporary House Design Is Unique

Unlike modern architecture, contemporary architecture isn’t rooted in a single period or era. Contemporary home designs reflect architectural trends of the moment, so what’s contemporary now may not be contemporary after three decades. These architectural designs are also fluid in style. They incorporate multiple architectural styles, including elements from modern homes (hence, the two terms are frequently confused). 

Contemporary house designs are usually unique. While they feature the form-follows-function-inspired elements of modern homes like large windows, open spaces & minimalist decors, they are also characterised by free-form composition. So they don’t only feature clean lines—they may also incorporate dramatic curves & angles, asymmetrical shapes and bold patterns to suit homeowners’ preferences.

Another unique feature of contemporary house designs is sustainability. They mainly use or incorporate natural & recycled materials. They even embrace smart technology to keep the property energy-efficient in response to growing climate issues these days.  

House Design with a Tasteful Palette

Contemporary house designs allow for greater freedom in terms of forms, shapes, materials and palettes. While they may look different across the board, they often share some key design notes. We’re talking about lack of clutter, clean lines, organic textures, natural materials and colour palettes that focus on blacks, whites and greys. Simply put, they embrace the “less is more” philosophy. They are a perfect contrast to Victorian homes full of ornaments or Tudor house designs’ embellished driveways & gable roofs. 

With a focus on functionality and the “less is more” principle, contemporary house designs have become increasingly popular among today’s homeowners. After all, modern working mums and dads don’t have time to clean too many home decors. Plus, with open-floor plans & minimalist elements, homeowners don’t need to spend much to add luxury to their spaces. 

House Design with Warmth

Most contemporary design materials & elements, such as stone and wood, are appealing and warm. Large windows also allow for natural lighting. Floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces offer even more warmth to a residential space. 

So even if contemporary homes are full of clear, uncluttered and linear patterns, they are, nevertheless, warm. Furthermore, most contemporary designs have fewer walls. As a result, the living space becomes more inviting and open.

Final Words 

Contemporary house designs are warming, inviting and one-of-a-kind. The clean lines & minimalist approach also add a luxurious touch to the structural beauty of these homes. No wonder most people today switch to contemporary house designs. 

We hope this blog has inspired you to create the contemporary home of your dreams. You can also look into local architects to see if they can help you build your dream home. If you live in Sydney or anywhere in NSW, get in touch with Obliq Design today.

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