The original granny flat design is intended for assisting older relatives without subdividing the property. It ensures you can keep an eye on your older relatives at a distance. But there’s another reason behind the recent granny flat boom: it can be a source of rental income for every family. You can lease it to older couples, students, young professionals, and every age in between who want a smaller home. Moreover, building a granny flat increases your overall property value.

If you’re planning to have your own granny flat, either for an investment opportunity or for its practical use, you may want to scout for inspiration. Here are some house and granny flat designs for your next project.

Granny Flat with Garage

For an attached granny flat design, you can definitely build one with an attached garage. However, there are some planning controls you need to consider according to either your Local Council (Development Application) or the State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing) 2021 (Complying Development Certificate).  There are various controls that must be followed in order to comply whether it be a Development Application or a Complying Development Certificate. One very important control to take into consideration is the maximum floor space allowable. According to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing) 2021, the maximum allowable floor space is 60m2, measured from the external face of the external walls or unless another environmental planning instrument permits a greater floor area. A granny flat with an attached garage can only be possible if your existing site conditions allow for such a development, that is, access, width, and position. Since a garage is classified as a non-habitable area, you can simply attach it to the granny flat. Therefore, you won’t lose any habitable space even if you add a fully enclosed garage.  

Two-Storey Granny Flats

More investors and families are growing to love double-storey granny flat designs.  The availability of a two-storey granny flat allows you to either have a granny flat that is two-storey or utilise the space on the ground floor as a garage or studio.  A clever design internally with a combined bathroom and laundry will ensure your living space is maximised and coupled with large windows, you definitely would gain attention in the event you were to use it as another source of income. 

Modern and Minimalist 

Most young couples want to invest in smaller homes as their first investment. Brick styles are making a comeback with granny flat designs, and combined with modern elements such as brick feature columns, horizontal/vertical windows, window shrouds or flat roofs. This design can easily blend into any structure of your property. Other homeowners prefer classic contemporary emphasizing with highlight windows and skylights for a spacious and flowing interior.

Attached Granny Flat

When preparing for your attached granny flat design, you need to consider the aesthetic appeal. It will be an extension of your main house, so ensure it will blend seamlessly. Most of the time, it is used as a rental home. Consider its placement and avoid obstructing views of sunlight from the main house. There should be a separate entrance in each home. You can extend the roofing to keep the two housings under a similar roof type. 

Converted Shipping Container 

A converted shipping container is the most cost-effective way to build your granny flat. It is easy to transport and assemble. If you have enough space in your backyard and want to increase your passive income, you can use this type of granny flat as a rental home. You’ll be impressed to see a 40-50% return on investments per annum. It is durable and can stand the test of time—it’s perfect for industrial interior designs. 

Raised Bushed Retreat

You can build your granny flat on a slope if you love the Australian bush setting. First, you need to consider how to maximise the space and entrance. Make the most of the landscape and existing trees and enjoy the amazing views with a beautiful hardwood deck. Since building a granny flat on a slope is challenging, you need professional builders to do the job.

Make Your Dream Granny Flat Happen!

If you’re planning on building a granny flat on your property, you should hire the professionals at Obliq Design. We offer structural engineering, design, and drafting services to help begin your project with adequate planning. 

Let’s talk about your dream granny flat, and we’ll make it happen. Contact us today.

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