Why People Are Switching To Contemporary House Design

A contemporary house design often includes clean lines, open-floor plans, organic textures & more.

Contemporary designs are attractive to most homeowners, so no wonder that many of them switch to these styles when they renovate their homes or build a new residential property. But let’s explore further why most people prefer contemporary house designs. What Is Modern Home Design?  Before we go any further, let’s briefly talk about modern […]

6 Granny Flat Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

granny flat designs Australia

The original granny flat design is intended for assisting older relatives without subdividing the property. It ensures you can keep an eye on your older relatives at a distance. But there’s another reason behind the recent granny flat boom: it can be a source of rental income for every family. You can lease it to […]

Factors to Consider Before Your Home Extension

Adding a bedroom is a suitable home extension project

If you and your family have outgrown the house but are without enough savings to move to a larger property, consider a home extension instead. There are quite a few pros to renovating and adding a room or two to your home instead of moving out. For one, you get to stay in the home […]

The Growing Popularity of Duplex Designs

The duplex designs bring social & financial advantages to owners and investors

More and more Aussies are discovering the beauty of duplex designs. That’s especially true in big cities like Sydney & Melbourne, where people have chosen to live nearby and stay in close contact with their inter-generational family members. Developers and investors have also recognised it, further boosting the duplex home design trend.  Why Are Dual […]

A Look Into the Best Sustainable House Designs

best sustainable house designs

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people worldwide and caused a 180-degree shift in their daily lives. But if there’s a silver lining to the situation, it’s the rise of sustainable house designs. As people stay home more often during lockdowns, they realise they need to create better and healthier living conditions for their families.  Sustainable […]

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